Baby Shoe Pattern Ruffled MaryJane Shoes PDF Sewing Pattern with tutorial by Podsshoes

8,00 USD This is a sewing pattern-not a finished product. The pattern and directions will be e-mailed to you after you purchase. You can print this pattern on your own printer. Please permit 24 hours. Purchases made on Saturday and Sunday will be sent out on Monday.

Leather garments are costly to acquire and unfortunately, they become outdated. This pattern is developed to recycle these garments into stunning child shoes. Travel to any second hand shop and you'' re most likely to find a wide range of color choices. Whether you'' re sewing for a present, or for your infant girl, one set won'' t suffice.

This pattern consists of 5 sizes from 0-18 months

The products list is:
-lightweight to medium weight leather for upper
-lightweight to medium weight leather or suede for lining (you can use the exact same product for upper and lining)
-basting spray -1/ 2 lawn of 1/4 “flexible- size # 16 or # 20 snaps (I suggest Snapsource brand for their longer prong)
-clear tape-template plastic-used to move patters onto
-butcher paper-used to capture basting overspray likewise as sewing stabilizer

-heavy thread Tools list: -sewing device with leather needle
-cutting mat and rotary cutter
-pins **** This pattern is for personal usage only. ****

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