Beaded Barefoot Sandal Kit – Crystal Clear by intrinsicimagination

10,00 USD Barefoot Sandals include flare to plain sandals and uninteresting flip-flops. Or wear them when going barefoot at the beach or in the swimming pool.

All shoes are one size fits all. Once you have them sized comfortably you will trim off the excess hemp. After awhile they will end up being softer and more flexible so there will be additional places for you to move the button up to make them tighter when needed, and come with directions on how to change them to your size.

< br/ >
COLOR: Crystal Clear < br/ > Your kit will include: – Guidelines on ways to make a pair of
Barefoot Sandals – Guidelines on the best ways to tie Overhand and Square knots
< br/ >-2 pieces of thin hemp used for beading (4 ‘long)
< br/ >-2 pieces of regular size hemp utilized for knotting (4′ 10 & quot; & quot
; long) -Beads needed to complete a pair of shoes in the color & quot; & quot;

Crystal Clear & quot; Once you purchase this package you will be able to utilize the guidelines to make other Barefoot Sandals with different beads and twine

Skill Level = Novice.

************************************** ******************************< br/ > You may offer Barefoot Sandals you make with my pattern,
however do not sell the pattern itself, and do not offer them on Etsy for less than $ 16.
************************** ****************************************** Handmade with love in

Portland, Oregon ♥ ~ by Ilya Hobgood < br/ > Thanks for viewing!
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