Beard PATTERN Beanie Santa Claus Hat – Photo Tutorial in PDF- p127 by SimplyCollectible

6,99 USD< p class="description"> Beard PATTERN Beanie Santa Claus Hat- Photo Tutorial in PDF-p127 This Crochet Pattern is a written pattern/ image tutorial making a Full Santa Beard Beanie. Among my images of this beard was included in The New Encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques

Child Beard Beanie
Pattern: 107556736/ child-beard-crochet-pattern-hat-presale Irish Chin Beard Beanie


Required the Beard Hat? ** Permission to offer exactly what you make offered you link my pattern to your product. ** Due to the nature of the product, there will not be refunds< br/ >< br/ > Practical -Fits Teenagers to Guy and Huge and Tall
& quot; I enjoy this pattern! This fits my 9 year

& quot; old and my hubby both! Really flexible. Thank you & quot;-Stephenie Hickok More & quot;
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