Beef Jerky – Original – 1/4 lb by BeezersBistro

8,50 USD

My beef jerky originates from the leanest, most tender cuts then hand trimmed even future by myself. When sliced, I generally marinade for 1 Day.

This is an & quot; & quot; original & quot; dish. Kindly see the & quot; & quot; materials & quot; below for all ingredients in the marinade.

You will receive 4 oz (3 oz is represented in the picture). Kindly click the & quot; & quot; Shipping & Policies & quot; tab for shipping times and rates. If you would like basically, please send me a message.

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Also please examine our & quot; & quot; policies & quot; section for any kitchen closings BeezersBistro.

My jerky will certainly last (if you can) at least 90 days. In warmer environments refrigeration is recommended to make sure freshness if you are not going to eat right away. We deliver in a & quot; & quot; seal-a-meal & quot; plan.

Jerky is ideal for any outside activity (hikes, cycling, snowboarding, kayaking), long drives or simply anytime snacking. You can even share our jerky with your favorite pooch. My dogs love it!

I hope you enjoy your purchase and will certainly return for more. If you have ideas for spices to experiment with or a mix you wish to attempt, by all methods send me a conversation.

Take pleasure in!!
Beezer’s Restaurant


JM (MI): & quot; & quot; YUM! & Quot;

Got and feasted on! & Quot; AS (GA): & quot; This is amazing, the very best tasting jerky I have actually ever had. No shop brand jerky even compares with this, everybody requires to try it. & Quot;

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