BEEKEEPER Lady with Hive and Bees Cast BLACK BEESWAX Primitive Very Detailed Ornament by MagpieJane

5,50 USD

100 % Beeswax -tinted black, and hand poured into an outstanding recreation of a heavily sculpted European cookie mold.

Here is a lady, a hive and a lot of bees. She’s sitting and and appreciating her huge and active bee hive. Lovely beaded border. Wonderful aspect; you can see the individual bees and the entrance to the hive. SIZE: 2 1/2 & quot; x 2 & quot;

& quot; My castings are made from recreations of the springerle and spice cookie molds sculpted as long ago as the year 1500. These cookies were sold at fairs and bakeshops. You’ll know exactly what a competition for the very best cookies there need to have been when you see how stunning and original these castings are!

There is a cleaning of spices to emphasize information and give a warm appearance. The beeswax was acquired at a regional honey farm, so it’s fresh and the accessories have the fragrance of honey.

Due to the fact that Beeswax has a melting point of 140 degrees F, the casting will certainly not melt under typical family temperatures. I keep mine wrapped separately in tissue paper- BUT NOT IN THE ATTIC! I have beeswax accessories that are 30 plus years of ages and still look as great as on the day I bought them.

Fabulous aspect, deeply sculpted casting in black.

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