Bestseller: Mobile & quot; MILAN & quot; White, Grey, White cloud mobile for nursery with gold star by The Butter Flying-Rain Cloud Mobile Nursery Decor by leptitpapillon

90,00 CAD Terrific mobile with 3 gorgeous grey puffy fluffy felt clouds on a 6 & quot; & quot; gold ring.
< br/ > A very special rainstorm! It hangs from a great fishing line cord … so charming!
< br/ > A lovely addition to any space – children’s, living area or bed room.
The perfect baby shower or new child gift

Description:! . white storm cloud
with gold raindrops . grey rain cloud
with gold raindrops . white rain

cloud with gold raindrops < br/ > Each storm cloud steps 15cmx 8cm A rain drop procedure:. 2cm raindrops color: gold

< br/ > 100 % Felt 3 inch wood star painted in gold

< br/ > If you choose it in a various colors, please let me know.

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