Black Sesame Asparagus

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 20 mins
  • Servings: 4
  • About This Recipe

    “This is one of my favorite dishes at a local restaurant called Cracker’s. This is THE best asparagus I have ever tasted!”


  • 1bunchasparagus
  • 1tablespoonblack sesame seed
  • 1/2 fresh lemon
  • 1tablespoonbutter
  • 1pinchkosher salt
  • 1pinchblack pepper
  • Directions

  • Trim bottom 1/4 of asparagus off, or the whitish colored part,and discard.
  • Wash before cooking.
  • Sauté the asparagus in butter, with salt, pepper and black sesame, over medium heat.
  • Continue until the asparagus”gives” a little.
  • This all depends on the thickness of the asparagus.
  • Some water can be added if the asparagus starts to brown.
  • Squeeze juice from 1/2 lemon over asparagus, and serve.
  • Reviews

  • “This dish sure dressed up my meatloaf dinner, excellent.I couldn’t find black sesame seeds so I used roasted white ones and instead of Kosher salt I used sea salt. It’s a keeper, Thanks”

  • “wonderful and different asparagus dish.(it was great to have it a new way besides steamed with mayo on the side.)i did have kosher salt and black sesame seeds.we really liked it and i’ll be doing this over and over again.thanks!”

  • “I’ve had black sesame seeds on hand and finally have a great use for them! This dish turned out beautifully–so easy and so yummy!”

  • “Excellent flavor and perfectly crisp asparagus.I loved the black sesameseeds with this-they tasted slightly nutty and were the perfect compliment.I will be making this recipe again often.”

  • “Both DH & I enjoyed this.I was like a special occasion, using my black sesame seeds!I didn’t use the lemon, because I knew he wouldn’t like it.Thank you very much for another way to cook asparagus!”

  • “Crackers and Empire are two of my favorite restaurants and I was thrilled to see this on the site. Thanks!! :)”

  • “Loved it! I had to resist my incessant urge to add minced fresh garlic, but held out and followed the recipe as written. The dish was wonderfully flavored and didn’t taste like it was missing a thing; the black sesame seeds were perfect here, and squeezing the lemon over at the end added nice, fresh flavor. Thanks for posting!”

  • “I think I would have enjoyed this more had I not used frozen asparagus. Thanks for the idea, I’ll will try this again with fresh!”

  • “Wonderful and couldn’t have been any easier!Substituted lime juice for lemon, following everything else to tee.Resisted urge to add garlic and it was delicious.Something about the sesame seeds just makes it!”

  • “I’m very much a beginner at cooking.I’ve never cooked asparagus and this was a piece of cake.Easy, yummy, and even my husband who avoids veggies liked them.Thanks for sharing!”

  • “Very good! I cut the asparagus into bit size pieces before cooking. It is easier to eat that way.”

  • “Excellent.Loved all the flavors and the lovely contrast of the black sesame seeds with the bright green asparagus.Thanks for sharing.”

  • “definitely the best asparagus i’ve ever eaten.i also added a tiny bit of minced garlic and it was great.definitely will make again. thanks for the great recipe.”

  • “This is so, so, so good. It was possibly the best asparagus I’ve had and one of the best things I’ve eaten recently, period. I had it with glazed salmon, and I think this will be the first of many times I enjoy that meal. Thanks!”

  • “Another great use for black sesame seeds!Yeah!! Subbed olive oil for butter but otherwise made as directed.Delicious asparagus and soooo easy.”

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