Black Tuxedo Cat Christmas Ornament Polymer Clay Art Sculpture Handcrafted by HeartOfClayGirl

17,95 USD Here is a cute black and white tuxedo feline hugging a red glass Christmas ball. If desired, I can add a name to the Christmas ball.

This accessory determines 2 1/4 inches large and 2 inches tall and has a gold cable for holding on the Christmas tree.

< br/ > Each of my developments are made from a mix of polymer clay and are hand sculpted without making use of molds.

Also, all of my accessories and figurines included a present box so all you have to do is wrap some ribbon around the box and you prepare to provide a special memento for the canine or feline lover in your life.

< br/ > If you have any concerns regarding my accessories and figurines please let me understand. I constantly enjoy input from my consumers as it helps me improve in my craft.

Thanks for looking!

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