Blackberry Botanical Study – Limited Edition Print by jodyvanB

26,00 CAD Blackberries This is a minimal edition print of the Initial Watercolour & quot; Blackberries & quot;. This is printed on watercolour paper and is a minimal edition print of 50 It is signed and

numbered by me, the artist.< br/ > I originally painted this for my wedding event invitations. Looks lovely framed.
There is a terrific peach farm next to my inlaws and they have a couple of rows of Blackberry bushes that I love to paint!

The image size is approx 4.5 & quot; x 7.5 & quot;
& quot; The paper size is approx 5.75 & quot; & quot;

x 10.5 & quot; Можно buy on Etsy for jodyvanB