Blue chalcedony / lace agate by earthlightgems

3,00 USD This is for 1-little toppled piece of blue chalcedony, or blue lace agate -some are more strong, some are more lacy as revealed. Each piece is special and from Africa. You can wrap it, drill it, bead around it, utilize it in your art and much more. Photographed in front of an inch ruler.

Blue Lace Agate- Utilize on the pineal eye area in between eyebrows as a sedative for nerves and to ease non-allergenic, tension headaches. It aids circulation of expression and concepts by linking the throat and pineal eye chakras. blue lace is an agate which deals with subtle body transmissions to the physical, and increases out-of-body awareness and experiences. Its greatest character resonates with spirit guide and angelic connections instead of physical health concerns. However, it influences the physical body efficiently through body-mind recovery practices of visualization, biofeedback and meditation. Any health concern can be minimized and progressively launched through its impacts on the subtle bodies. (5th toward 6th chakras)

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