Blue Hawaiian

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Servings: 1
  • About This Recipe



  • 1/2 ounceblue curacao
  • 2ouncesrum
  • 1ouncepineapple juice
  • 1teaspooncoconut cream
  • Directions

  • Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass.
  • Reviews

  • “Yum! I love these!”

  • “Yum, I also love these!! Think I may have had too many the keyboard is blurry 🙂 They really were good, thanks Gay.My neighbor and I enjoyed these!!!!”

  • “Very nice drink & very pretty.We used coconut rum.Enjoyed it.Thank you for the lovely recipe”

  • “Oh my!! I had to go 30 miles to a bigger town to find the blue curacao, but it was definitely worth the trip!! YUM!!”

  • “I’m having some issss-yous.I know, the drunken look isn’t for everyone.”

  • “cool color.didn’t like the taste that much.”

  • “A very yummy (and pretty blue) cocktail.The pineapple juice really came out, and there was just a hint of coconut (which is OK with me, because I am not a real fan of coconut).Thanks for sharing, Gay Gilmore.”

  • “Excellent!Thanx 4 posting. You are a party saver!”

  • “Yum! I didn’t have coconut milk so I put in some coconut extract instead. I also added some coconut milk powder and that was a mistake – it doesn’t mix in well! But, even with my mistakes, it was still a very good drink. I’m sure it’s even more amazing if you actually have coconut milk!”

  • “Excellent summer drink.Add lots of ice.”

  • “Oh!! this drink is great! Love the coconut and pineapple flavor. I started out with just 1oz rum (I don’t drink that much) but I believe I ended up with 2ounces there after. This will be a must at the lake this year while sitting around with our friends. Thanks for sharing the recipe! “

  • “served these at my party, plenty of WOW factor because of the colour and tasted even better! Thanks for sharing Gay.”

  • “These were the hottest drink at our local tavern 15 years ago!They add a very ‘tropical’feel to the party.I had to give them up because citrus and I don’t agree, but if I could consume them every evening…I would 😉 “