Blue Opal Thunder Egg pair by earthlightgems

25,00 USD< p class="description"> This is for 1-pair of blue opal thunder Eggs Sleek on one side, from Oregon. Cut and semi refined – you get the set shown. It has blue opal in the center and are fantastic to take a look at. One is more broken up with more fractures then the other, however fantastic colors regardless.
You can utilize it in your art and a lot more. Photographed in front of an inch ruler.

Agate-all kinds of agate found worldwide possess the same chemical structure as clear quartz, silicon dioxide, however the growth structure of agate is called microcrystalline. Other types of quartz-based rocks and minerals are also called microcrystalline, namely onyx, flint and jasper. all these varieties are classed under the heading odf chalcedony quartz. Agates contain other components, such as iron, aluminum, or sulfur which trigger their specific and unique attributes to make identifying their locality of origin rather simple. Due to the fact that of this, some kinds of agate are categorized as semi-precious. Agates can be pricey due to rarity or they can be really budget-friendly. This affordability makes agates an excellent choice to stabilize the subtle, physical, psychological and psychological bodies. Considering that agates are so unique, they provide a wide range of resonance frequencies for specific humans, animals, plants and areas. Various states have Agate’s as their state gem.

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