Breakfast Hash Browns

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 25 mins
  • Servings: 4
  • About This Recipe

    “I find this recipe simple and the aroma mmmmm. The secret making hash browns is to partially cook the potatoes first so they do not discolor when you cook them. The cheese in this recipe helps them hang together so you get a golden cake of hash browns not just broken up bits. Boil your potatoes ahead of time and it will only take 10-15 minutes to finish them at breakfast”


  • 1lbrusset potato
  • 1/4 teaspoonsalt
  • pepper
  • 1/2 cupcheddar cheese( mild, medium or aged your choice)
  • 2slicesbacon, cooked & crumbled,optional
  • 2green onions
  • Directions

  • Boil the potatoes until just barely tender, set aside to cool so you can handle them.
  • Grate the potatoes.
  • Spray a non stick skillet with veggie oil and place half the potatoes in it, sprinkle with salt& pepper.
  • Top with cheddar, green onions& bacon.
  • Add remaining potatoes, pat down.
  • Turn heat to high and cook about 5 minutes, shaking pan to keep the potato cake loose.
  • Using a spatula lift edges carefully to see when the bottom is golden brown.
  • Place a plate over the skillet and invert the pan getting the potato cake out in one piece, brown side up on the plate.
  • Spray the skillet with oil again and slide the potato cake back into the pan uncooked side down.
  • Cook about another 5 minutes.
  • Slide back onto a plate and cut into wedges.
  • Reviews

  • “These are delicious! I used store-bought fresh hashbrowns (shredded) to save time, and added the bacon for flavor. I do have to caution folks about one thing… the flipping part… easier said than done, LOL. Part of mine ended up on the kitchen floor. I would suggest cutting the hashbrown “cake” into pieces in the pan, then flipping with a wide spatula. The end result is just as tasty, if not as pretty, and your floor stays cleaner! :o) Good recipe, Bergy, I will definately be making these again!”

  • “This was very tasty and easy to prepare!Next time I’ll use more cheese :-)”

  • “Really, really good!I used finely diced red onion in place of green.Make sure you use a non-stick pan – or they’ll stick (oops!).Wonderful taste, texture.Definitely will be making these again.”

  • “This was very good. I made it as a side dish for dinner. I think I was lucky because I had a plate that was just the right size to fit my fry pan. I put the plate on top of the potato, put my hand on the plate (with a towel to protect from heat) and flipped the whole thing right over. No problem at all. It was beatifully golden brown, crispy on the outside with the lovely melted cheese in the middle. And, as a bonus, it’s healthy! Thank you Bergy, for a new way to prepare potatoes!”

  • “This recipe was made on 3/22/11 as part of my lunch and for the ” Sides “event in the Food Photo Forum.Except for cutting down the recipe to serve just one( the full amount of bacon was used,I love bacon)this recipe was made as it was written.There was a bit of trouble on turning this over, so I just cut it into wedges and worked from there. After plating,the potatoes looked so lonesome
    I scrambled an egg to go with it.:)This was so good that I’m going to make it again. Thanks for posting and, “Keep Smiling 🙂 “”

  • “Great flavor abut I had trouble with this one.I used too much oil and too big of a pan.Learned my lesson. Will make again soon.Loved them.”

  • “Loved this! I think par-cooking the potatoes makes this go so much faster as you can easily cook your potatoes ahead to use in the morning. Tasted great- I served this with a biscuit type breakfast entree (using your buttery farm biscuits) and it was great. Thanks so much!”

  • “I tried making my hashbrowns this way they came out alright but I went back to the way I saw them maid about 15 years ago on tv instead of pre boiling the potatoes you pill them from the raw stage lay out some cheese cloth on a plate place your grader over the cloth and grade the potato onto the cloth when all the potato is graded you wrap up the cloth and squeeze all the liquid out of the potato and then they will be ready to fry, to me this way they taste a lot better then pre boiling.”

  • “This is way to easy and tasty! I also did not have bacon on hand but did have sausage patties.So,,,,,I broke apart the patties and added them to the hash browns. Topped with cheese and a little hot sauce! Yikes. thanks Bergy!”

  • “BRAVO! I made it and it is way too good ;)Just didn’t put bacon because I didn’t have any, instead i used some sliced turkey meat. Thanks, and good eats!”

  • “Soooo Good!!!I have made these twice now, they are delicious! I nuke the taters for about 4 to 5 minutes instead of boiling them, just seems easier.I did what another reviewer said and cut the taters into wedges,then flipped them, they came out perfect, nice and crispy. The 2nd time I made them, I didn’t have any cheese. I added some finely grated yellow onion and some minced garlic in addition to the green onion.My guests went nuts over these, I urge you to make them soon! Thanks for posting, Bergy.”

  • “Yummy! We had a big family breakfast for supper.The boiling of the potatoes ahead of time makes the difference. I omitted the bacon (we don’t eat pork). It was certainly delicious. Everyone went back for seconds.”

  • “We loved this Bergy.SO had visions of it becoming a standard part of his Sunday breakfast.It would have been except his recent bloodwork showed a rise in cholestrol.Now I’ve said he can have it every 2nd weekend if he watches his diet in between.It’s an excellent motivator :o)Thanks for posting”

  • “I agree with TerriF. as far as cutting the hash browns into wedges to make flipping easier. I used Yukon Gold potatoes as that’s what I had on hand, but otherwise followed the recipe and it was great- not just for breakfast.We had them with grilled burgers. Thanks Bergy.”

  • “Wonderful!I made it the first time as instructed and thought it needed a little more flavor( my taste).The next time I made this I chopped up yellow onion and mixed it with the potatoes.Then I use sea salt, pepper, onion powder and cumin to mix in potatoes.I still put cheese and green onion in the middle and it was great!I didn’t even need the bacon!Got really good reviews from family!Will use!!”

  • “I can really only echo the words of others before me, along with a hearty thank you.
    Finally, perfectly presentable and edible hash browns at home, and so easy with the boiling method. Again,thank you.”

  • “wow, this is a great recipe! it was soo yummy and didnt come out too perfect-looking becuase i didnt use enough oil in the pan, but it still tasted good..thanks for posting it!!”