Brossard Solo Series handmade Ebony Guitar Pick by BrossardPicks

4,95 USD

& quot; & quot; Simple and Amazing & quot;
& quot; & quot; & quot; A good friend of mine got his ebony pick today (I got the bone and horn combination today). He let me try it out, and it was every bit as extraordinary as my bone and horn set. The ebony includes a very warm clap to acoustic playing while maintaining a bright, crisp tone and strong projection. It is lighter than the bone and the horn picks, and that would absolutely a plus for those who wish to move far from plastic choices without losing the feel. It is exceptional for electrical gamers too, and I suggest them for all designs of music. I will never play Dunlop again if I can help it, and I’m a Brossard gamer for life! Magnum opus Chris, and thanks! & Quot;
& Quot; Posted by Darren on 25th Feb 2009

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