Brownish Macrame Owl Necklace by macraMe

10,00 USD

Macramé owl pendant presented as an adjustable locket, so you can use long or short.

– Locket length: 45 cm/17, 55″ (Overall 90 cm/35, 1 “)
– Owl Pendant consisting of tail: length 9 cm / 3,51″, width 3 cm / 1,17 “.

Material: Brown, violet and green waxed nylon thread, wooden beads.

This little owl was influenced in the owls which were made to hang on the walls in the 60/70s. It is very useful to wear, because you can make use of long or short as a choker. A terrific present for buddies or on your own.

* The image is referential, you will certainly get an owl locket just like the picture * can purchase on Etsy for macraMe