Buckram, 29- inch Black Heavy-weight Stiffening, 2 yards by cottagefabrics

13,98 USD

2 yards, 29 & quot; x 72 & quot; of BLACK Heavy weight Buckram.

This was purchased in an Amish dry goods shop and is what the Amish use for stiffening the brims of their bonnets. It has a coarse weave, and is heavily starched for use as an interfacing in apparel, hats, belts, bags, masks, etc. It can be easily shaped by moistening. The picture is of the whole roll of it, but this listing is for 2 yards.
I have more yardage available. Email with questions.

You have a choice in shipping. I can fold it and ship it First Class for $ 5.50, but it may have creases in it. If you would like it rolled in a long priority tube, email me your zip code for a price quote. First Class Shipping to Canada is $ 11.50.International Priority shipping- $ 26.75.

Message from a satisfied customer (if you’re concerned about the folding for shipping):

& quot; Hi, I just bought some buckram from you, and got it today. I wanted you to know that it is perfect for my projects, and as soon as I got it, I unfolded it, rolled it up and put binder clips on the ends. In less than an hour, it was smooth and crease-free! That’s great. I’m really happy with my purchase, and excited to make my caps and get started selling them! Thanks again! Tere & quot;

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