Building blocks clip art – toy clipart digital download png files by spacefem

5,50 USD 10 digital png images that tile perfectly for your creating requirements! This suggests that if you take an image and put it ideal next to a copy of itself, the edges compare beautifully. Design is toy brick influenced. Not related to LEGO, megablocks, or any specific brand. The solid colors are red, yellow, blue, green, pink, white and black. The multicolored files are on black, green, or clear/ transparent backgrounds.

< br/ > Wish to utilize these designs on fabric? These images can be submitted straight to spoonflower, they’re currently at the default 150dpi setting so no change is needed, they have actually even been checked utilizing the new & quot; & quot; ultra & quot; color schemes presented in 2016.

Strong designs are 650×450 pixels. Multicolors are 1975×1700. PNG format suggests every pixel is real color and defined, with no compression or jpg artifacts to sidetrack from the color.

For individual use only unless particular approval is provided for use otherwise. I will likely give authorization for this to be utilized as part of completed products to be sold, but call me to make sure.

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