Cake Mail Card, strawberry variation postcard. by TangBaby

14,50 USD

This thin, textured slice of synthetic strawberry cake is frosted kindly and has one flat, printed kraft paper surface area for writing the recipient’s address, a return address as well as a little sentiment. Choose it for birthdays, weddings, or perhaps simply to send out some cheer. Also works well as a & quot; & quot; stale & quot; belated birthday welcoming.


MADE TO ORDER … Due to a boost in orders, please permit UP TO 7 days from order up until delivery, you’ re cake will certainly not be identical, but very close to the one envisioned.

This product is sent by mail straight to the PURCHASER to write on and send out, if you are trying to find the listing where it is printed and sent out on the purchaser’s behalf, please check here: https:// www.

You can send this strong item as-is through the postal system, and although I refer to it as a ‘postcard, ‘due to the density and weight limitations of the postal service, it may need to be sent out at the parcel rate rather than a superior envelope rate, thanks to the current boost in postage rates, it now costs simply over $ 2 to send out similar slices to good friends throughout the country. It is slightly bigger than a typical 4X6 postcard, and absolutely a fair bit thicker.

The high international shipping cost is due to the United States postal services recent and uncomfortable rate boost. My apologies for not having the ability to alter that.

The high international shipping cost is because of the US postal services recent and unpleasant rate boost. My apologies for not having the ability to change that.

This product contains definitely no food products and need to not be immersed, taken in or utilized as a toy. Be safe and have enjoyable!

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