Carnelian Ring Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Fibonacci – Any Size by holmescraft

23,00 USD

Carnelian and sterling silver wire wrapped Fibonacci ring, any size.

This ring was inspired by the fibonacci sequence. The pattern of beads is 1,1,2,3. It is made with sterling silver wire and accent beads and lovely blood-red 4mm carnelian.

In mathematics, the Fibonacci [fib-uh-nach-y] numbers are a sequence of numbers named after Leonardo of Pisa, called Fibonacci. He discussed this really fascinating series in his book Liber Abaci in 1202. The series starts 0,1,1,2,3,5,8 and just continues. It is a sequence that can be seen throughout nature.

The model revealed is a size 7. Yours will certainly be custom-made made to the size of your option. All sizes are available, consisting of / 12 and 1/4 sizes.

****** PLEASE define ring size in message to seller when ordering.

If you like the design however would like a different color bead, simply ask, I have numerous to select from.

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