Carnivale Mystickal – Tarot Necklace – Celestial Necklace – Divination Necklace – Gypsy Necklace – Boho Necklace – Festival Necklace by PersephonesBijoux

80,00 USD

Carnivale Mystickal – Tarot Locket – Celestial Locket – Prophecy Pendant – Gypsy Pendant – Boho Necklace – Celebration Locket

Oh … this is so pretty.

Gorgeous magical locket set showcasing Vintage Psychic Eye, and four Tarot Major Arcana Cards: The Moon, Sun, The Star, and The World. ALL highly positive … even the Moon. which may seem dark to start. but life needs its tricks and secrets … it’s Dianic energy too ~!

Stars, Suns and Moons hang listed below the Art Nouveau drops and add a touch of traditional holy beauty.

Incredible, strange, and gorgeous Psychic Eye earrings have!

Adjustable from 16 to 20 & quot;& quot;, with each cameo imaging being about an inch long. … Fancy. colorful … completely initial.

This Item will deliver in 3 company days.

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Можно available at Etsy for PersephonesBijoux