Cat Or Dog Paw Print Ceramic Drawer Knobs Or Door Pulls With Hardware by GoodNiteGracie

4,50 USD

Original Design On A Ceramic Drawer Pull or Door Knob Consists of Hardware
Painted With Underglaze Pigments and Kiln Fired. Clear Glazed and Re-fired in the Kiln.
Design is irreversible.
Approx. Size 1-3/ 4 & quot; & quot; Diameter X 3/4 & quot; Deep (1-1/ 2 & quot; With Screw In Hardware.)

Slight Crackle or Crazing (look of tiny lines) will, might or has currently occurred on some knobs due to expansion of the unglazed screw cavity and permanent hold commercial glue made use of to protect the metal thread element on the within the knob. This is not a flaw, just something that might take place from time to time with any ceramic product and should not interfere with your enjoyment of this design piece. The technical term is called & quot; & quot; Thermal Growth Mis-Match & quot; & quot; … truly, it is. I hate it, however if you look at ceramic pieces through out history, you will certainly discover the dreaded crackle impact.
My photos provide an accurate depiction of what the knbs appear like.

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