Ceramic Decals for Torch-Fired Enamel, Ceramics, or Glass by Paintingwithfire

9,50 USD

This listing is for a sheet of 67 decal images that can be kiln fired or torch fired to 1850F. When fired, the image will be a sepia tone. These jewelry-sized images can customize your work. Some of the words or images can put within the wreath. The image is printed on clear decal paper so that after shooting, just the image will continue to be.

The appeal of decals is that you can change the image by removing or including parts to produce another image. You can eliminate the stand from the bird cage, particular leaves from the vine, and separate the pointing fingers, and so on. The images of the gown kind and typewriter were scanned from a 1935 Montgomery Ward brochure.

The sizes (width x height) are as follows:
Bird Cage.75 & quot; & quot;
x 1.75 & quot; Dress Form.75 & quot;
x 1.20 & quot; Raven.70 & quot;
x. 40 & quot; Typewriter.90 & quot;
x. 80 & quot; Confusion (pointed fingers).96 & quot; & quot;
x. 76 & quot; Wreath.93 & quot;
x. 95 & quot; Nest.75 & quot;

x. 87 & quot; Kiln firing and torch firing instructions will be supplied with the decals.

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