Ceramic Mosaic Tiles Letters Porcelain & quot; Retro & quot; Set of 5 Made to Order by Popogirl

5,00 USD

KEEP IN MIND: Proof of hand-making is to anticipated in handcrafted letter tiles. My letter tiles are made from my substantial collection of letter stampers. There are sometimes impressions from the sides of the rubber stamper pad into which the color glaze circulations. Some tiles are hand cut and will therefore not be precisely the same size. These variations provide to their charm.

.60 & Quot; & Quot; x. 50 & quot; each

If you need more or less, I will put up an added special listing. Note your words or letters (and colors) in the information space in checkout.

Select from colors in chart in last photo. Define just the letter or the entire tile. NOTE: I do not offer 2 colors on one tile or white letters with color background.

I develop my mosaic tiles and precious jewelry from aged porcelain clay that is high fired twice.
My products are therefore ideal for within or outside use.

100 % HANDMADE with HAND TOOLS: Aside from my kilns, no mechanical equipment is utilized. All of my materials are made in UNITED STATE.

Special glaze or clay characteristics are to be anticipated.

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