Ceramic Wall Art Poppy Flower Home Decor Blue Poppy by wolfartglass

< p class="cost"> 150,00 USD Beautiful deep blue poppy ceramic wall art flower by Carrie Wolf of Austin, Texas. Carrie records the soft wavy kinds of our blown glass wall art in clay to create these ceramic poppies. You will get the actual poppy in the images

The measurement is: Additional Big Blue Poppy: 14.25 & quot;. at its widest

This piece has professional wall installing hardware connected for easy installation, see last photo.


++++ ++++ ++< br/ > Like this poppy however want a various color? See the available color options here:

https://www.etsy.com/shop/wolfartglass/search?search_query=ceramic+wall+art Rates is as follows:$75-Small Ceramic Poppy, size 8-10 inch widest size
< br/ >$95- Medium Ceramic Poppy, size 10-12 inches largest size< br/ > $ 125-Large Ceramic Poppy, size 12 -14 inches largest diameter
< br/ > These ceramic poppies look fantastic in monochromatic collections of
the exact same color flower, or mix and match colors and sizes for visual impact!< br/ > Start producing your collection! today< br/ >-Working To Greener Pottery- This pottery was created in an environmentally mindful way in our low-energy intake store
powered in part by eco-friendly wind energy of our power service’s Green Functions program. We ship utilizing recyclable cardboard and Bio-Bubble, a 100 %bio-degradable bubble wrap.Можно buy on Etsy for wolfartglass