Chakra Pendulum Pendant Wand … Orgonite Orgone Energy Generator … see description for list of stones (b21) by BittleBoxArt

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This Pendulum Pendant is an Orgonite Orgone Favorable Energy Generator wearable/ hangable Chakra Wand that can likewise be utilized as a pendulum or used as a pendant. This distinct design has a hole drilled through at the top allowing you to put a little diameter cord through it … about 2mm or less. We have actually consisted of a 27 & quot; & quot; length of faux suede cord if you wish to hang it or use it … you can quickly eliminate to the cord

The stones in this are, from root to crown, as follows:.

Red Garnets, a Rhodizite Crystal and Black Tourmaline
Carnelian and a Petalite Crystal
Citrine and a Tibetan Crystal
Peridot and a block of Selenite
Blue Apatite and an Arkansas Crystal
Lapis Lazuli and Elite Shungite
Amethyst and a Phenacite Crystal

In between each Chakra stone is Copper to offer the necessary metal to resin ratio for an appropriately working piece of Orgonite. Resin pigments used for the Chakra colors

**** Procedures 2 1/2 & quot; long and about a 5/8 & quot; & quot; in size. **** This has been adoringly and thoughtfully hand sanded through 7 great grits of sandpaper from 220 down to 2000 and after that buffed on a high powered jewelry experts wheel to make this glasslike and silky smooth.

**** Manage with care … wands are delicate … resin is similar to glass which can (and more than likely will) break if dropped. Comes in a velour travel pouch which likewise keeps it from rolling off onto a tough surface when not in your hands, hanging from a cord or in your pocket:-RRB- This Orgone
Positive Energy Generator Wand is a handcrafted tool created to assist in producing favorable modification, raise vibrational levels and develop an atmosphere of peace, harmony and balance. Created for energy healers to work with in hands-on recovery, this is likewise ideal for anybody preferring to produce a healthier energy for oneself along with your home or work environment. We are developing our pieces to communicate with Life Force Energy in effective and spiritual ways. Based upon the principal of Orgone energy, likewise called Chi, Ki, Prana and Vital force, it is the energy present within all things. This generator will reduce the results of EMF (electro-magnetic field) radiation from cellular phone, computers, TV’s and many other electrical gadgets.

Created in a positive healthy balanced state with joy and favorable objectives. This is a remarkable piece to hold and an excellent tool. We have actually formed and hand sanded this piece to be silky smooth with rounded ends to be healing & feel wonderful when used in massage and energy work.

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We use just the highest quality of Crystals known to create the Piezoelectric effect required to interact with the metals and homes of other stones within the piece. All of our materials, resin, crystals, gems and metals are the finest we can find and we never ever use colored, fake or subpar materials. Some of our products are bought from online gemstone dealers but we likewise purchase a lot straight from dealers at the gem shows we attend. We pride ourselves in the quality of our materials and the outcome of our labor of love. Please note that our Gold & Silver Leaf metals are 100 % metal but they are alloys. The composition Gold Leaf is a mix of brass, copper, zinc and small amounts of 23k Gold. Composition Silver Leaf is Silver alloyed with Aluminum and other scrap metals. Our Copper Leaf is 100 % Copper.

The copper nuggets and hairs utilized in this are the product of recycling the scrap from producing copper bullion, these are NOT factory shavings … this is beautiful clean copper utilized for jewelry and other great products. Copper is an outstanding conductor of esoteric energies and for transmitting them over further ranges.

Given that living so near to the Mt. Ida mines we understand simply how powerful these crystals are. All quartz mined in the Mt. Ida/ Hot Springs/ Eureka Springs locations of Arkansas are in an area which is very near to a core within the Earth thought to be discharging effective energies. This location presently offers the most highly vibrational and purest quartz crystal known to mankind. These are extremely strong and effective, especially once inside an OPEG. We get our crystals from the mines in buckets of tough caked freshly dug from the earth (backhoes are utilized in deep gaps). We clean them ourselves and then soak them outside in pure rainwater for several weeks … a long but rewarding procedure the yields simply cleansed crystals … from the earth to our hands to yours:-RRB- **** TIBETAN QUARTZ CRYSTAL **** Tibetan crystals are hand
mined in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet, one of the most spiritual locations in the world and can only be brought down the mountainside in sacks or backpacks, sometimes by monks. I think they can hold some of the spiritual energy of the area and possibly the knowledge of the culture also. They are understood for their protective qualities, … simply having a Tibetan crystal near to you installs a guard against unfavorable energy in addition to other individuals’s unfavorable energy making them perfect to use in our Orgone Positive Energy Generators. **** PHENACITE aka PHENAKITE **** Phenacite is fairly unusual

and although it can resemble its & quot
; cousin & quot; quartz it has a surprisingly greater vibration … higher than any other & quot; understood crystal! I can tell just by holding it the difference in between it and quartz. It is a crystal of the Light that will generate pure, clear white light. It is an effective tool for turning on the upper chakras. It clears, cleans, and activates all the in-body Chakras. Phenacite is understood to assist tune with the Higher Self, making it possible for deep meditation and promoting inner understanding. This is a very caring stone and for me causes a frustrating sense of well being and happiness … I can not help however smile and laugh while holding it. Phenacite needs no cleaning and works well with other stones … that integrated with it’s high vibrational qualities makes it
an effective addition to an OPEG. ***** PETALITE ***** Petalite is a fairly unusual stone with an extremely high vibration, yet has a smooth balanced energy.

Called a vision stone
it gives off extensive peace and joy. Put on the third eye during meditation, it brings about relaxation, quietening the mind for inner expedition, heightened awareness and for aiding in making a deep connection to the spiritual realm. It is a powerfully protective stone, as it will not permit negative energy to stay in is area. This is an exceptional stone to carry throughout the day if you are flighty, dispersed or spread. It promotes a calm, centered view of your world allowing your concerns and fears to escape. I personally love this stone since it brings me to a place of peace and joy. We are extremely delighted to have actually acquired enough of this in a high quality to share in some of our Orgone Energy pieces. **** RHODIZITE **** Good ideas come in small bundles! This rare mineral is found in Madagascar and Russia. Frequently called the & quot; master crystal & quot;, it is a really favorable energy

stone that never requires
to be cleared or charged. This little gem is well understood for it’s amplification buildings and will significantly enhance the energies & quot;of other stones. Rhodizite crystals are typically rather little, but will vibrate with a lot of power and strength, they are among the highest vibrational stones in the mineral kingdom. Positioned into a Positive Orgone Generator and you have a very powerful tool available. Keep positivity and great intents in your mind as this will simply assist to enhance it. If you’re not currently familiar with this fantastic gem … do a google search for Rhodizite and enjoy what you will find out. **** AMETHYST **** Amethyst can assist in promoting tranquillity, joy, emotional stability, inner strength and satisfaction. It is likewise stated that Amethyst is beneficial when dealing with legal problems and cash problems, which can lead to

success and abundance. **** BLUE APATITE **** We get our Apatite in raw, uncut type from sources imported direct from the mines in Africa. We seek out ones that are pure with excellent color and quality. An excellent stone to grow and keep focus in meditation. Apatite is a stone of symptom
… helping to clear your
mind, expand insights, influence, focus ideas to truth and help with getting results. It clears away confusion, passiveness or negativity, then, stimulates the intelligence to broaden knowledge and fact, which may be used for individual development or for the cumulative great. Also known to initiate, stimulate, and/ or enhance psychic abilities and spiritual attunement. The vibration of this stone will cleanse the aura … specifically within the mental body. Like lots of blue crystals it has a strong action within the throat chakra … and will particularly aid you with communication, both on the psychic level along with verbal. Mentally, Apatite boosts motivation, assists you to acquire self self-confidence, boosts creativity and drains negativeness about oneself and others. This gorgeous blue stone has fantastic metaphysical homes and together with its capability to improve the energies of other crystals and stones it makes this an exceptional addition to an OPEG specifically for those who want to increase their imagination, creativity and psychic abilities. **** LAPIS LAZULI **** Lapis Lazuli … the theorists stone in early alchemic texts. This is a stunning blue stone of enlightenment that resonates with the vibration of reality, making it an effective stone for those who seek spiritual advancement, mental clarity, psychological healing, enhanced judgment and wisdom … permitting you to
use your inner power while cleansing the soul and ideas. Lots of people consider Lapis lazuli a stone of axiom and friendship. **** PERIDOT **** Peridot is referred to as a visionary stone, it brings understanding of destiny and purpose and is stated to enhance prosperity and proliferation. Peridot likewise launches negative vibrations while promoting clarity and well being. It is typically related to best of luck & represents stamina, faithfulness, dignity, fact and love. Peridot is also referred to as a money stone and often worn to draw money and opportunity your way. **** CARNELIAN **** Carnelian can assist in comprehending the inner self, reinforce concentration, aid in stimulating creativity and aid to resolve negative energy and change with favorable energy. **** CITRINE **** It is understood to not just radiate favorable energy, but it also dissipate unfavorable energy of all kinds and will not soak up any negative energies from its surroundings. Since citrine gets rid of unfavorable energies, it assists create stability in all locations, and is good for general protection. It enhances confidence and security while producing a warm energy that promotes optimism. Citrine is likewise called the & quot; success stone
& quot; because it promotes success, success, and abundance. In folklore it was referred to as & quot; a merchant’s stone & quot; to be put in a cash register or where one carries out company, to not only get favorable wealth but to maintain it too. protective energies. It can also help in aligning all the chakras and balancing Yin Yang energies. **** GARNET **** Garnets beneficial buildings have been known for countless years and brought by soldiers as an all the best talisman to bring triumph, peace and tranquility, along with recover injuries. Today it is known to & quot; therapists as a protective energy stone and one that will bring favorable ideas and increase energy. It is also an excellent stone for symptom making it an ideal
addition to an OPEG. **** SELENITE **** Selenite is named for Selene, Greek goddess of the Moon

since of its moon-like glow. Vibrating at one of the greatest frequency of minerals, Selenite has some incredible properties. It is understood for being helpful in triggering the seventh or crown chakra, for stimulating and opening the 3rd eye chakra, bringing mental clarity, unblocking stagnant energy and instilling peace and calmness … all the while having the ability to continuously clean and recharge itself and other gems it touches with.

**** ELITE NOBLE SHUNGITE **** Shungite has amazing healing qualities and a high absortion capacity of EMF radiation and is understood as the best grounding mineral on this planet. Its powder is used by the Russian army, to develop EMF protective finishes and paints for structures and aircraft. The combination of Shungite within an OPEG is amazing. The capability of the OPEG to absorb EMF is increased, and the Positive Vital force Energy is boosted. OPEG’s take in and transmute unfavorable Orgone Energy and Shungite absorbs and requires clearing once it is

full, however, within an OPEG the Shungite is continuously cleared and the absorption of the Orgone Energy is enhanced making this a very effective combination. Elite( aka Noble )Shungite is unusual, highly valued by the Russian federal government and discovered just in the Lake Onega Location of Karelia in Russia. According to geologists there are roughly just 1000kg of Elite Shungite on Earth. The day is rapidly approaching where Elite Shungite will be really hard to acquire if at all. We have invested in a sufficient supply. The distinction between what I’ll call”typical”Shungite is that it has a parity of carbon of 25-35 % and is a dull black … Elite Shungite has a parity of carbon of 93-98 %, possesses a strong mirror like metal shine and is
fragile hard. Both grades work but the Elite works much quicker from having the higher concentration of carbon and Fullerenes (effective antioxidants ). Fullerenes are the Third structure of carbon, the other two being graphite and diamond. They include a spherical, ellipsoid, or round arrangement of dozens of carbon atoms which are also called”bucky balls” due to the fact that of their similarity to a soccer ball. Fullerenes are known to behave like a”extreme sponge “as they can sponge-up and reduce the effects of 20 or more free radicals per Fullerene particle. Fullerenes have actually been the topic of intense research study, both for their special chemistry and for their technological applications. According to Russian research study, Fullerene-rich Shungite has the ability to reduce the effects of many types of negative energy. It attenuates electro-magnetic emissions basically supplying protection from electromagnetic fields. Shungite has actually been successfully utilized for several years in Russia to help patients with depression, trauma, and other psychological and mental disturbances. Special shungite chambers have actually been created for this purpose. **** TOURMALINE **** Black Tourmaline can be utilized to both repel and secure versus negativeness of all kinds, from electronic radiation to unfavorable people … eliminating the negativity while safeguarding against harmful energies such as anger, envy, and greed. I have heard that people in the recovery career have actually claimed that black tourmaline can be useful in balancing the recovery and innovative energies needed in the art of healing. Black Tourmaline is widely known and most valued for its grounding effects **** CHAKRA DEFINITIONS **** Violet: Crown Chakra. This is the end result of our time, place and being. It is everything about Universal Awareness, All Understanding, Cosmic Connection, The God Source, Enlightenment, Entrance to other Dimensions
Indigo: Third Eye. Here
is where we dive in to find the habits and rhythms of energy itself. It is everything about Psychic Abilities, Channeling, Telepathy, Astral Travel, Visions, Links to Higher Self Blue: Throat Chakra. Having actually dreamed the dream of creation, this is the path to revealing that dream outwardly. This is about Communications, Noise, Vibration, Self Expression, Listening, Speaking, Composing Green: Heart Chakra. This speaks to us of fresh brand-new proliferation, the pledge new hope brings, the everlasting nature of love and the ability to

share that love. It is all about Love, Understanding, Trust, Hope, Openness, Empathy, Balance, Forgiveness Yellow: Solar Plexus. The dawning of a brand-new Understanding. It has to do with Personal Power, Will, Energy, Metabolism, Effectiveness, Self-confidence, Social Identity, Joy Orange: Sacral Chakra. The power of the Red moves into the phase of Creativity. It has to do with Emotions, Relationships, Sexuality, Self Worth and Empathy Red:. Root Chakra

. Primitive Power. This is the base of production, the effective action stage to move you and move you foreword. It is about Grounding, Stability, Physical Needs, Security, Symptom and the Product World. Lea and I have been hand making OPEG’s for over 5 years and selling them at programs and regional shops. In June 2011 we transitioned our work to consist of the terrific Etsy community. I wear one around my neck 24/7 … in the shower when I sleep … actually I have actually been using the
exact same one for about a year now. I likewise keep one in my pocket on numerous events. Based on the principal of Orgone energy, also referred to as Chi, Ki, Prana and Vital force, it is the energy present within all items. This generator will lower the results of EMF(electro-magnetic field)radiation from cellular phone, computer systems, TV’s and lots of

other electrical gadgets. I first experienced an Orgone Generator over 5 years ago but could not obtain one. After feeling it’s results I was driven to discover all I might about them and ways to produce them. My primary goal was to make them both effective and

stunning so they might be happily worn or shown in the office or home. My friends went crazy over my productions as did their buddies and I started getting flooded with

orders … all because their effects were so powerful. As for me … my life altered considerably for the better, so much so I could compose a book but I’ll reduce it by stating that this tool integrated with positive affirmations has actually been satisfying all my life’s dreams. & quot; Energy can not be produced or ruined, it can only be changed from one kind to another & quot;-Albert Einstein Можно purchase on Etsy for BittleBoxArt