Chakras Suncatcher Meditation Tool Rainbow Suncatcher Reiki Healing by TeagardenArts

25,00 USD

This recycled art glass piece has actually the traditionally accepted color spectrum for our 7 Chakras. It’s rich colors are a radiant suggestion of the marvelous rainbow that lives within us all. The Chakras are the energy centers of the body. All are equal in value, and all have to flow freely for us to be at our healthiest Crafted with love and regard, it is offered in hopes that it will certainly assist others by serving as a meditation piece and as a focusing tool for recovery. It will certainly add a touch of charm to your home or garden. It’s designed to last, and will never ever corrosion, however will establish a soft, dark patina outdoors. Made with one inch and half inch recycled glass spheres, and has to do with 11 inches in length.
The brass spacer beads I use now are the ones you see in the close ups.
DESIGN NOTE: There can be a small variation in SIZE of the 6 smaller glass spheres, they can differ from each other by about 1/ 16th of an inch.

I include a comprehensive composing my hubby wrote explaining the Chakras system.

I also make Chakras keyrings;!.?.!!.?.!!.?.!Можно offered at Etsy for TeagardenArts