• Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 35 mins
  • Servings: 4-6
  • About This Recipe

    “Champ is the name of a mashed potato dish served in Scotland and Ireland. The potatoes are often mixed with other vegetables such as leeks or even mashed beetroot when they acquire different regional names. Champ should be piled up steaming hot on individual plates and a crate made in the centre of each one, filled with melted butter. Each forkful is then dipped into this molten golden pool.”


  • 5fluid ouncesmilk
  • 10spring onions, chopped and cooked in the milk
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 1/2 lbsfreshly cooked hot mashed potatoes
  • 4tablespoonsmelted butter
  • Directions

  • Cook the chopped spring onions, green part as well as white, in the milk; drain, but reserve the milk.
  • Season the mashed potatoes to taste, and then add the spring onions.
  • Beat well together and add enough hot milk to make the dish creamy and smooth.
  • Put onto 4 individual plates, make a well in the centre of each portion and pour a tablespoon (or more) of melted butter into each.
  • The dry potato is dipped into the well of butter when eating.
  • Reviews

  • “Next time I mash potatoes, this is how I’ll be doing them! YYUUUUUUUMM!’CHAMP’ is a brand name for dog food here in New Zealand! …. I’m sure our pooche would LLOOOOVE your recipe!!…….If I make extra maybe I could mix some up with HIS ‘Champ’ food!!!”

  • “Made this exactly as directed and it came out awefully pretty but … gummy is the only description I can think of. I may have slightly over cooked the potatoes and that may have been the contributing factor, but they did not go over very well and I’m not sure I’ll be trying them again. Thanks for the recipe anyway. :)”

  • “What a great thing to do to potatoes! I have made this twice and everyone truly enjoys it. This is a “KEEPER”! Why would anyone want mashed potatoes any other way?Thank’s a bowlfull, Millie.”

  • “These were the very best potatoes ever! They were fluffy and so delicious.We couldn’t believe we’d never tried them before and can’t imagine we’ll make them any other way from now on! I even bought some lovely Irish butter to pool in the center. I used five pounds of red skinned potatoes, and the other portions seemed just right for them.Thanks Miller for another wonderful, informative recipe. Bless you.”

  • “Loved this, everyone love this dish! It was a great addition to our traditional corn beef and cabbage meal on St. Patick’s Day. Thanks for sharing.”

  • “This is an awesome way to serve potatos. I accidently put a touch too much milk in and it would have been perfect just a little drier – recommend that you add milk gradually. “

  • “We eat this all the time.When I was living in Ireland we served in at least once a week.The beauty of it is that it works perfectly with the most sophisticated meal yet it is so simple and can be served just on its own.Definetely worth trying as a nice way to dress up plain old mash.”