Charm Beads – Large Hole Bead – SRA Lampwork – Snowball by HolyFritBeads

< img src =""border= "0"width= "570"height="429"/ > 4,00 USD< p class="description"> I just love making snowball beads. This bead would look terrific on a charm bracelet or as part of another set. Bead steps 13.5 mm throughout the hole, and is 7.5 mm broad. With a hole size of 5mm.

These remain in stock and prepared to ship out ASAP!

Each bead is handmade by me, Kelly Hurley, in my Michigan studio. All of my beads are made with either, Bullseye, Lauscha, Moretti/ Effetre, Double Helix, CIM Messy, Kugler, GT Glass, or Vetrofond glass. ALL beads are annealed correctly in a digital kiln for lasting resilience, charm, and vibrancy.

All photos are bigger to reveal detail. Please see description for real bead size. I strive to capture the color of my beads with 100% accuracy. All displays are various and as such my beads might appear a shade or two lighter or darker than they in fact are.

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