Chihuahua, Tea Cup Puppy – PDF Crochet Pattern by jaravee

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Have you ever wish to have a pet? But you do not have time and place for it. This is a finest method to have your own young puppy.

The finished size of this doll has to do with 4 inches high in sitting position and about 5 inches high in two-leg standing position. Just standard crochet stitches (single crochet, boost and decrease single crochet) used in this pattern.

This pattern challenge your skill in altering color yarn. But if you are not comfy with it, you can make it with one color as revealed in the white Chihuahua.

With very same pattern, you can make them in sitting or two-leg standing position but not advised for 4 leg standing.
Chihuahua is called Tea Cup Puppy that why I included a tea cup pattern in it.

Pattern is written in English and simple for beginner.

Pattern will send out in PDF format to your email after recieved Paypal payment.

This pattern is safeguarded under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivation Works 3.0
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