Chunky Necklace, Multi Strand Necklace, Blue Necklace, Orange Necklace, Silver Necklace, Statement Necklace, ACRYLIC Necklace by BuddingCreations1

35,00 USD Multi Strand Necklace, Chunky Locket, Blue Locket, Orange Necklace, Silver Pendant

, Statement Pendant, ACRYLIC Locket Offered in Green, Orange, Silver and
Blue. This statement pendant is bold and chunky.
The ACRYLIC beads make it light weight and extremely comfy to wear.
< br/ > An excellent piece to wear year round.

< br/ > Details< br/ > ~ Blue, Olive Green and Orange necklace have copper clasp and parts
< br/ > ~ Silver necklace has silver plated clasp and components
< br/ > ~ Beads are 17mm square
< br/ > ~ Quickest hair is around 20 & quot; & quot;
length ~ Longest strand is around 26 & quot; & quot; length

< br/ > You can discover more of my unique pendants here: Store Budding Creations ~ Можно purchase on Etsy for BuddingCreations1