Citrine or Amethyst Pendant by earthlightgems

4,95 USD

Citrine or Amethyst Pendant- this is for 1- Citrine or Amethyst pendant- I have ones with silver or gold colored metal tops, if you have a preference kindly specify. Every one is distinct and from Brazil. Please likewise define which stone you want Citrine or Amethyst. Let me understand if you want more then one.
Bead these onto a pendant or simply include a cord and you are ready to go.

Citrine- is quartz included with colloidal iron, which offers citrine its orange to yellow color. It can be artificially manufactured by heat treating natural amethyst. In its yellow expression, citrine increases self-awareness and psychic awareness originating from body receptors. As it works to support the third chakra, control of mental and psychological stimulus is increased, because more energy can be focused into these areas.

Amethyst- quartz results from exposure to natural or synthetic radiation, which triggers minute iron and aluminum impurities to expose themselves. Pollutants need not be more than one in one thousand silicon atoms for the color to be noticeable. Amethyst is the most pricey and highly related to color in the quartz family. Amethyst got its color, according to Greek myth, when the god Bacchus promised, after being insulted, that he would take in the first person he saw. The unlucky individual turned out to be Amethyst on her method to praise the Goddess Diana, who swept down to save her and turned her into clear quartz crystal. Seeing the error of his anger, Bacchus poured grape juice over her, turning her stone body purple. Amethyst is the State gem of South Carolina. Amethyst is the February birthstone.

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