CLEARANCE Newborn Visor Beanie – ecru, chocolate, burnt orange, yellow by PdxBeanies

8,00 USD

Beautiful, handcrafted crochet beanie with a little visor in newborn size. This hat is a best device to complete an outfit and makes a great prop for pictures! Made with soft and breathable 100 % cotton yarn.

Note: Colors might differ slightly from idea due to present yarn dye lots, computer monitor estimates and picture lighting.


Approximate Kid’s Beanie Sizing Chart:
(determine the circumference of the head at the thickest part)

Newborn fits directs to 14 & quot;
& quot; 3-6 14 months & quot; -16 & quot; 6-12 months 16 & quot; & quot;
-18 & quot; 12-24 months 18 & quot; & quot;
-19.5 & quot; 2T-4T 19.5 & quot;
-20.5 & quot; 5T-preteen 20.5 & quot; & quot;

-21.5 & quot; ——————————————————————————————————-

Care Recommendations:

To keep you beanie looking its best, hand wash in cold water with mild soap and lay flat to dry.


All designs and images are copyrighted by Nili Barrett. Please do not copy or use without consent.


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