Cloth Nursing Pads – 5 Pairs – Beautiful Floral Mix – Fleece / ZorbII / Flannel – Ready to Ship by LoverOfLifeDesigns

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Absorbent and Discreet Cloth Nursing Pads! Stop losing your cash on the chemical laden non reusable nursing pads, and switch to reusable fabric! You will enjoy the bigger size that helps prevent shifting, and the density that catches leakages even when baby begins to sleep through the night.

Nursing moms will certainly like the charitable size of these nursing pads and that these are made with absorbent fabric that will certainly keep them clothes dryer a lot longer than a lot of fabric nursing pads.

These can be made use of over and over once again. Just throw them in your routine laundry (like colors if you do not want them to darken a little) and presto! clean & fresh nursing pads!

See them in action!

I have gone through a few various designs to meet the requirements of nursing mothers. Absorbency and discreetness are the huge elements when selecting your preferred fabric nursing pad. These fabric pads are comprised of a soft flannel top, very thirsty Zorb II inner core & a water resistant fleece backing. The layers of product are staggered to enhance discreetness.

The fleece backing is not waterproof, however it is water resistant. This function assists keep you dry longer than the pure flannel variation, but allows the skin to breathe, which will help the mom not get blisters.

Anti-Pill Fleece is off white so that it is less noticeable in light colored bras.

Zorb II is a fantastic material that is made in the UNITED STATE! It is made with a mixed bamboo & natural cotton knit sandwiching Zorb fibers. This thirsty fabric takes up moisture 20x quicker than cotton, bamboo or hemp, and has a much greater holding ability than other product on the market!

* Please make sure to wash your set of nursing pads before their first use – I use a washable marker for tracing before cutting out each piece of fabric that go into them, and after their preliminary cleaning, any little marks that made it into the material will rinse entirely.

* All edges are serged to assist avoid fraying. Minimal fraying may take place during device washing and drying, however this will certainly not cause them to work any less effectively.

This listing is for 5 pairs (ten nursing pads).
Item for sale is revealed in the first three images. Last image is stock picture only.
Positioning of design will vary from set to set.
Each layer is made of a number of & quot; & quot; rounds & quot; -not perfect circles.
Step approx 4 1/4 inches in diameter.

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Cloth Nursing Pads – 5 Pairs – Beautiful Floral Mix – Fleece / ZorbII / Flannel – Ready to Ship by LoverOfLifeDesigns