Cloud Acrylic Shaving Handle / Razor Handle by DorianCreations

30,00 USD

This is an extremely well handmade and extremely durable shaving manage. The weight and balance of this razor is extraordinary, best for everyday use.

It was made using an acrylic blank. The original shape of the acrylic blank was 3/4 & quot; & quot; x 5 & quot;. The blank was cut to the preferred length, then drilled to fit the installing tube which was then put on the lathe to be thoroughly shaped using pen turning chisels. After it was formed, it was sanded and polished through an in-depth procedure to produce a glass-like surface. Lastly, all elements were assembled to complete the razor handle.

The hardware is chrome plated and it uses Gillette Mach 3 ® refills, likewise suitable with Venus 3 refills. The razor blade is envisioned but is not consisted of. Razor blades can be bought at most pharmacy shops.

Product: Acrylic
Color: Cloud
Finish: High Gloss
Hardware: Chrome
Length: Without Razor Blade it is 4.75 “
Refill: Gillette Mach 3 ® These deals with can be made in different shapes and colors, kindly contact me if you have an unique request. Можно available at Etsy for