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8,00 USD Felt Collection: Coastal Breeze This wool blend felt collection is the best response for those of you desiring to take the guess work out of color coordinating your creations!. This stunning felt offers remarkable quality at an economical cost

< br/ > This is for a collection of 8 small sheets of wool mix felt measuring 9 & quot; & quot;

x 12 & quot; < br/ > Wool mix felt is very good to work with and stitch with, either by hand or by machine. Great for your felt crafting needs. Features consist of,

< br/ > * Rich range of fantastic colors * Consistent color matching
< br/ > * Easy to cut, handle, and stitch
< br/ > * Exceptional uniformity

To look after your wool felt mix, the maker advises:.

Dry Cleaning ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Want that sherpa-like, soft, comfortably, fleece like felt with this remarkable natural wool fiber-blend?
Follow this connect to our Tutorial on the best ways to achieve that look.
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