Coffee Sleeve Cozy Red White and Blue Polka Dot Print Unisex Reusable by bamcraftymommas

8,00 USD Reusable material coffee sleeve brings fun and function together. You are distinct with your own design and now even your cup cozy can show this off.

< br/ > Coffee sleeves are made with a 100 % cotton material external layer and soft crème colored fleece on the inner layer. Sleeve measures approximately 3 inches tall and 10 inches long (not consisting of the elastic) when laid flat. Metric measurements are 7.5 centimeters tall and 25.5 centimeters long (not including the flexible).

The material showed on the external layer of the sleeve is a red, white, and blue polka dot print.

The inner fleece lining is beneficial for cold and hot drinks. Coffee sleeve helps hold the heat away from your hand when enjoying a hot drink. For a cold drink the sleeve absorbs the condensation keeping it off of your hand.

The button and flexible closure assist the coffee sleeve to extend to fit most cups. Perfect for your mug in the house, a paper coffee cup, a mason jar, or a fountain soda cup.

< br/ > Cozy is device washable. If you get a little spill simply toss it in the wash and it will be good as new.

Material placement and button may vary.

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< br/ > So if you can see this sleeve twisted around your favorite latte or tea then click “contribute to cart” and be all set to enjoy your next drink in style.

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