Color Chart Synthetic Dreadlock Hair Extensions. Natural looking braid in semi permanent dreads. Synthetic dread extensions. Custom Order. by IconicLocks

4,75 USD

This listing functions as a color chart as well as a Made to Order listing. Select the color and length of each dread per color that you would like to order. This listing is for one dreadlock, order as numerous or as couple of as you like.

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Installation and Care Guide:

Rubber Bands for Installation:

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Returns and exchanges:
Since these are products that go in the hair, I can not take any returns or exchanges. This remains in compliance with health codes.

This listing is for a single dreadlock. One fear. 50-80 knotty fears is a full kit. 60 is the average quantity it requires to do a complete head. Do not hesitate to blend and match listings in my store to create a full set.

Knotty dreads take a lot of time making, there are several rounds of teasing, knotting, and sealing. The cost reflects the time it requires to make each one totally awesome. These can last forever if looked after.

These fast to set up and fun for including color and volume to your hair.

,.- ~ *’ ¨ ¯ ¨’ * – ~ -. ¸ -(_ Setup _ )-,.- ~ * ‘¨ ¯ ¨’

* – ~ -. ¸ To install dreadlock extensions into loose hair:

Take a little area of your hair where you would like the fear to be, put the area of hair through the loop at the top of the fear. Slide the dread as much as the top of the hair until it protests your scalp. Different the section of your loose hair into 2 areas. Intertwine your hair down the fear utilizing the fear as the third hair. Intertwine down the fear until you lack hair and after that use a tiny rubber hair tie to secure it

Pointer: The tighter you make the braid, utilizing the hair more to develop a sort of wrap around. the dread, the more sensible it will look

To lengthen your dreadlocks:
Cut the loop at the top of the dreadlock extension. Location completion of your very own dread in the center of the now loose hair at the top of the extension. Utilize a small crochet hook to pull the loose extension hair into the bottom of your dreadlock. Keep pulling the extensions hair into your dreadlock from all sides till all the extension hair is secured inside your dreadlock.

( ¯’ -. _. – ( ¯ ‘-. _. – (¯’ – … _ – Care Instructions -. _ -‘ ¯)

-. _ -‘ ¯) -.
_ -‘ ¯) Timespan:. Synthetic dreads can be left in for up to 3 months. At this moment brand-new hair growth may require them to be re-installed. They could be left in constantly, but this might trigger your hair to dread also

You can shower in these, they can splash, use your regular shampoo and conditioner. When washing hair focus the hair shampoo and conditioner on the roots of your hair

Do not utilize styling iron on extensions. You can use a blow dryer

Forming completions of the fears:. Cut with scissors diagonally down the loose hair up until it is formed how you like it
If you discover loose stray hairs on the bulk of the dread, they can be cut off.
After cleaning, I discover it useful to palm roll the dreadlock.
If they have a great deal of loose hairs, dip them in newly boiled water.

Knotty Design dreadlocks are really sensible looking and lightweight.

They are thick and have natural motion.

These can be intertwined into loose hair, contributed to the ends of genuine dreadlocks, bulking natural dreadlocks, wigs or falls.

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Color Chart Synthetic Dreadlock Hair Extensions. Natural looking braid in semi permanent dreads. Synthetic dread extensions. Custom Order. by IconicLocks



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