CoLoR My wOrLd JoUrNaL eLeMeNtS six collage sheets sheet set woman vintage words background butterfly flower rose landscape sea shells fish by moonlightjourney

7,00 USD

Color My World six collage sheet Journal Load
You get six complete size collages sheets with
different size images. The images were
developed to use in a 8 x 10 journal but
you can re-size them to fit your requirements.

These collage sheets have:

** Great deals of high quality (300 dpi) images on 6 8.5 & quot; & quot;
x 11 & quot; sheets for YOU to print by yourself inkjet or printer.
If you do not own a printer, you can send out the file to an
office supply shop and inform them to make color copies.

** These collage sheets remain in JPG format – the images
do NOT have a transparent background and they are
organized on the sheets as you see in the picture.

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** MoonlightJourney maintains the innovative copyright on everything
we offer to you. We’ve spent many hours perfecting our skills and
although we have a liberal usage policy, we do not want you to assert
our work as your very own work. Our offerings are a supply to be used
in your own developments.

** With very few exceptions (which you will certainly see in the description
and on the item itself) you may use the products you buy
from us for office usage. Office usage means that you
can use our images to CREATE something to sell either online
or at a craft program, gallery, etc.

** You MAY incorporate our images into your blog site or web page
banners, backgrounds, etc.

** You may NOT re-sell the images as if you developed them
yourself. You have to do something creative on your own.
After all, we have to earn a living too so please ask if you’re
unsure if you can utilize our images for exactly what you wish to do.

** You MAY use any of our images for personal use
or to develop gifts for good friends & household. You may show your
productions on blogs, groups, and so on

** Please do not give our images away or publish them on
groups for others to utilize. Again, we have to make money!

** If you can provide us credit for the images, we would be very
happy to get the reference but it is not required.

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