Concert Exhibitionist Sew on Patch-es Handmade Screaming British Lord Sutch Mature Nudity Naked Women Rock 1972 UK Giclée Art FREE S / h MbG by Crafterssupplies

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A Location For You Worldwide Of Imagination: I MAGI COUNTRY

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Stitch on Patch equates to Image Size (Up to 11 & quot; & quot; X17 & quot; or 28cm X 43cm, an approximate, proportional estimate) plus the fabric border.


Picture a world without our senses. There would be no discovery, and perhaps even no fulfillment. It depends on us to exercise our God made senses physical, mental, and spiritual as our keepsake. Utilize your senses now and exactly what do they tell you about this item? Can you see yourself holding this product on a stitch on patch? If yes, then this product is for you.


Giclée masterpieces make excellent connections to exactly what you appreciate, and for whom you care to show, and makes for a little expression to the individual you are.

Select the Image Size and the border is a 1/4 & quot; & quot;(One-quarter inch) as much as size 4 x 5, and for image size larger the material border is half & quot; & quot;(One-half inch), so include this to the overall spot dimensions. The spot is backed with interfacing and reduces fraying. This handmade product is sturdy but thin enough to be hand attached onto your garment. Do not stitch? Do not worry. Craft in other ways. Matte by mounting to sturdy cardboard, frame it, tack it to the wall as a material poster, sewn into an ornamental pillow, quilt, jacket for the garment market, or decorates arts and crafts projects.

Ravish All Event art fashion design best for your next clothes attire or for your photo framing craft project of this printed easy-to-sew-on handmade patch. No minimums required. One rate postage Free shipping in U.S.A or Minimized postage discount to Everywhere else. Easy to clean. Money back assurance.

ZOOM picture for image height-to-width ratio. PICK A SIZE (making use of right-hand column) feature above Overview. Image size is an approximate, proportional, estimate.

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Take advantage of your self creativity: For custom work email me photo link or upload customized ready-to-print art work for no added costs, no minimum required. Image Sizing is based upon multiples per page and by choosing 8 & quot; & quot; X 10 & quot; art image (approximate, proportional, estimate) you get the most approximately 8.25 inches broad or 10.75 inches tall (approximate, proportional, quote). Customized order at your all set.

Determine Imperial measurement: 2.54 centimeters equates to 1 inch.


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