Congress Playing Card Deck Antique c. 1904 / Nile Fortune Telling Card Deck / Fortune Teller Card Deck by SwirlingOrange11

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Antique, 100 plus years of age card deck in really excellent vintage condition revealing no defects other than age related wear commensurate with age that includes small yellowing of the cards but no ink, pen or other marks. The box is faded but all parts, corner etc remain in tact. This deck of cards remains in great condition and still keeps the gold gilt along the edges though dulled due to age. A & quot; & quot; scanned copy & quot; of the instructions will be included with this listing. The directions are a & quot; & quot; SCANNED COPY & quot; of the initial directions.

This deck of cards is a quasi-fortune informing deck based upon the initial gypsy mystic technique of informing fortunes. This is a normal 52-deck of cards with an extra life card which would most likely be a joker in a routine deck or the significator in a Tarot deck and 2 additional cards, one assurance card for with prices on the reverse side and one unique rights card discussing USPC’s ownership of the ace of spades design. Each edge of each card has a fortune so if the card falls upside down or in a twisted position it has a different meaning.

The Vintage Nile Fortune Informing card deck is perfect for those who collect fortune informing video games and cards, however would be simply in your home in a collector of routine playing cards, so it is a battle collectible. This deck of cards was manufactured and dispersed by the US Playing Card Business for Congress Playing cards and is difficult to discover in near mint condition. These are basic size playing cards.

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