Costa Rica Diary: Keeping In Touch

Costa Rica Diary: Keeping In Touch

Our trip down to Costa Rica for the Pura Vida Getaway may have happened a few months ago, but the memories and experiences are still fresh in my mind like it was yesterday.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Spending a week in Costa Rica surrounded by surf, yoga, good energy and amazing people made for the trip of a lifetime. When you’re there and living it, you take it one step and moment at a time. Call it a vacation, a retreat, a work trip, a leap of faith, or a lucky opportunity, those 10 days we all spent in Nosara meant something for each of us. And when it was time for everyone to go home, saying goodbye was a lot harder than I had ever imaged it being. When you find yourself tearing up after hugging 10 people who were mere strangers days before, it makes you realize the impact that experiences like this can have on you…

It’s amazing, moving, and inspiring.

But it is also a little bit sad. There might not be another opportunity for all of us get to practice yoga under the same roof with the amazing Rachel Brathen, or dance around a fire as we rid our minds of fear, or gather around a table to share a meal together. So how does that trip remain alive in all of us?  By keeping in touch.

Our journals on the trip were a way for us to write down whatever we were thinking, feeling or missing. On the last night, we all decided that one of the extra journals would be passed around when we returned home to each and every person as a way to keep in touch. One person receives it, writes their message, and passes it to the next. Just like the concept of traveling pants, we now have a sisterhood of the traveling journal.

As it leaves one person and is sent to the next, the aspect of surprise is exciting. You don’t know what the other people have left inside until it’s your turn to look through it, read it, then share your feelings to fill up the pages with a piece of you.

Keeping in touch is a hard thing to do, but little things like this can make it a lot easier to stay connected with the people you meet in your life that impact it in a positive way. We’ll never forget this trip, and a piece of it will always be with us.

I’m now excited to share this video with you all that recaps our time spent in Costa Rica on the Pura Vida Getaway. Enjoy!

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