Creamy Fruity Lip Butters, organic shea butter lip balm, paraben free lip butter, natural lip balm, cuticle stick, sweet almond oil lip by deltamoonsoap

10,00 USD

This is a wonderful selection of lip butters, all influenced by our preferred fruit! You'' ll get one each of the following: Honey Lemon (my favorite ), juicy Watermelon, Black Cherry and Raspberry Lemonade (the best seller)

They are made with Organic Shea butter for wetness, Sugary food Almond Oil to assist it take in for you, and beeswax to seal in that fabulous moisture! We have a little flavoring in these too, but not too much, wear'' t want folks licking their lips, that sorta beats the entire function! They are great for lips, and cuticles too! These have no color/ parabens/ petroleum items. They are your basic size lip butter.These offer individually for$3.00 so you ' re currently conserving $ 2:–RRB- ————————————————————————————————————— ♥ Love it? Include it to your favorites by clicking on the
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