Crochet toy Amigurumi Pattern – Little Sheep in pajamas, with a tiny duck by LilikSha

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This is a crochet pattern with pictures for making a toy, not a toy itself.
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Little Sheep in pajamas, with a tiny duck.
Charming sweetheart pie, this little Sheep in pajamas likes her small duck and takes it wherever she goes.
The duck has a string to put on the Sheep’s hand. Little charming Sheep uses shoes that can be taken off.
Little Sheep is a huge fan of fashion and would enjoy to make buddies with some princess.

Little Sheep’s height: 28 cm (11 & quot; &
quot;)The duck’s length: 6 cm (2.3 & quot;& quot;-RRB- Materials

– Purple “Babbles” yarn (see below) – this yarn has small pompoms, approx. 2 cm each, and with a little practice you can get a very interesting outcome.
– Acrylic yarn (100 g/ 210 m): white, purple, dark purple, bright-yellow
– For the eyes: a little bit of blue and black yarn
– 3.5 mm (E ), 4.0 mm. (G), 2.5 and 3 crochet hook,
polyester, needles, scissors.

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