Crocheted Scarf with Flowers ~ Aran and Forest Green Scarf with Flowers ~ Crocheted Scarf ~ Crocheted Winter Scarf ~ Spring Scarf by nenafaye

12,00 USD

This light weight crocheted scarf is so pretty, cool and fun! Sure to cheer up any clothing and bring some color into your day:-RRB- I have utilized
an acrylic yarn called Loops and Threads Impeccable to crochet this headscarf.

The colors used are Aran which is an excellent cream color and Forest Green.

I have actually embellished completions of the headscarf with flowers. These flowers have 2 layers of petals and a nice center.

I made this scarf enough time to cover around your shoulders or neck a couple times for style and heat. See last picture on mannequin for a point of view on the length.

Scarf steps 3 1/2 & quot; wide and 75 & quot; & quot
; long. Flowers measure 4 & quot; & quot; throughout.

Fantastic present concept for young and old alike!

Perfect for any individual who likes a scarf that is light weight but still warm and pretty!

Machine wash mild or hand wash cycle. Improve your flowers and lay flat to air dry. The label states device was and dry but I would recommend to air dry or tumble with no heat.

The last picture shows a headscarf that is made of the exact very same brand of yarn and is the very same size, I have actually used this image to show one way of wearing the headscarf and how it will view.

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