CUFF or bracelet. Hand stitched and painted textile bracelet. Vintage appliquéd materials. Chicken. by hensteeth

28,00 GBP

Hand sewn and repainted textile bracelet.
Hi and welcome to my Etsy listing.
The base of this bracelet is linen fabric to which I have actually screen printed and hand painted my chicken design. Pretty antique patchwork fabric has actually been used, with a little teeny piece of embroidery from a fine cotton hankie.
Hand embroidered flowers.
Hand painted teeny Bees.
Backed with classic patchwork.
A loop and lovely vintage button to close.

Meauring with loop: 8 & quot; & quot; long x 1 1/2 & quot
; large. 21 x 4 cm
My wrist diameter measures 6 1/2 & quot; and this Cuff sits comfortably.

This piece has been made by myself, to my initial design. A mix of old fabrics, with frayed edges and layers of structure.

** Please see upgraded 2015 Policies if thinking about purchasing my work.
I am likewise unable to reserve work. thank you. **

Hensteeth (c) 2015.
I belong to ACID (anti copying in design)

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