Curiosity Collection Drawer Set with over 40 Curiosities by ShadyufoStudios

125,00 USD

This listing is for a really neat little wooden set of drawers that I found in an antique establishment. It was originally for a sewing kit. The drawer set is 3 inches deep, a little over 8 1/2 inches tall, and about 5 3/4 inches broad. It has some small scuffs and dings from age but is a great, strong little piece. And finest of all, it is stuffed packed with over 40 different curiosities from the natural world!

There are 6 drawers and each one can hold a variety of cool little products. There are also 2 old nail holes in the leading so it can easily be mounted on to a wall if so wanted. It likewise looks terrific standing by itself on a rack or bookcase.

Consisted of in this huge collection are:

Beaver Skull
Muskrat Head
Kangaroo Vertebrae
Section of Muntjac Deer Head with Teeth
Coyote Atlas Vertebrae
Pathological Muskrat Jawbone (had an abscess in it)
Piece of Deer Antler
Piece of Slider Turtle Shell
Sea Urchin Spines
Catfish Lower Jaw
Badger Molar
Squirrel Incisor
Container Filled with Quartz Crystals
Jar Full of Amber
Container Loaded with Gar Fish Scales
Container Loaded with Fossilized Stingray Mouthplates
Jar Packed with Porcupine Quills
Hunk of Quartz Crystal
Piece of Polished Leopard Jasper
Peacock Ore (Bornite)
Silver Pheasant Feather
Turkey Feather
Small Peacock Feather
Small Peacock Eye Feather
Scrap of Badger Fur
Two Small Sea Urchin Spines
Fossilized Sea Urchin
Fossilized Shark Tooth
Deer Tail Vertebrae
Piece of Dropped Snake Skin
Gum Tree Round
Piece of Hackberry Tree Bark
Red Wasp Nest
Blastoid Fossil
Fossilized Sea Urchin
Opossum Vertebrae
Moqui Marbles
Impeyan Feather
Golden Pheasant Feather
Lady Amherst Pheasant Feather

You will certainly get everything imagined plus a few additional pieces that I forgot to photograph. You will also receive a pair of tweezers and a small magnifying glass with material lugging pouch so you can closely examine each piece.

Each piece will be packed and labeled in specific baggies for shipping.

This big collection of oddities would be fantastic for novice or seasoned collectors alike! Awesome present for children too!

Thanks for looking!

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