Custom Belt Buckle – Etched Stainless Steel – Handmade by RhythmicMetal

85,00 USD

Handmade Belt Buckle Custom-made Made With YOUR DESIGN – Etched and Welded Stainless-steel

Right here’s how it works. Initially, you send me a message, attempt to offer me with an image you want to have actually engraved into a Handmade Rhythmic Metal Belt Buckle of high quality stainless-steel. Many designs require some modifying on my part in order to work for this certain style of etching. Once you approve the final design, we’ll get going making it. I’ll etch it into existence, shape weld and polish it, and then send it to you. Please try to offer me with a large, single tone image if possible. If you have any concerns that require to be clarified, kindly do not hesitate to ask. I ‘d enjoy to address your inquiry and help you to understand my procedure a bit more. Every etch is special. These buckles are handmade completely by me in Portland, Oregon.

Designed for an interchangeable belt. These buckles measure 3in long x 2in high and will fit any standard sized belt.

For custom sizes and shapes, text or image on the backside, or design created entirely by us, an additional amount may be needed prior to creation. We’ll make sure it works for both of us ahead of time.

Please send us a message before buying this listing.
We love getting you precisely what you’re searching for.

These etched buckles are extremely durable and must last you a lifetime.

* belt not included
requires a belt that has the ability to switch buckles …
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Custom Belt Buckle – Etched Stainless Steel – Handmade by RhythmicMetal



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