Custom Cake Topper You chose the heads by MelaboWed

75,00 USD

Wedding Cake toppers, made to purchase, by me, in my New Hampshire clay studio.
Ordering information below.

Due to the fact that I work with a liquid clay I can just make the heads that I can cast … no handbuilding with this clay. The choices are a bit limited and may not match every relationship. I am always including more alternatives so don’t hesitate making recommendations. (I am currently trying to find a lamb, dinosaur, hippo, tiger and lion)

Fox (w/ tail)
Duck/ crazy/ crane
squirrel (w/ tail)
bunny (pointy, directly ears) OR bunny (more realistic)
Wolf/ German Shepherd (same head)
feline (w/ tail)
elephant (big scale head, groom only)
Mountain Goat
Deer/ Doe
Monkey/ chimp
Otter (w/ tail)

First, I I must caution you that ceramics is not fast. If the wedding event is quite quickly, kindly appearance through the offered toppers listed in the shop. Offered and listed toppers can deliver immediately.
Toppers generally take 4-8 weeks, but this is a big important day… and things can go wrong (in the kiln shooting … in shipping/ handling), so, preferably the wedding event date is at least 3 months into the future.

International shipping can be unpredictable, kindly allow extra time. Of course, I have absolutely no control over custom-mades practices, taxes and surcharges. Kindly be aware of the postal practices in your country.

The addition of heads will certainly modify the size, but it should assist to understand that the groom’s shoulder comes in at 5 inches (13cm) The base is 3 inches broad and 2.5 inches of depth. The toppers are hollow, with an oval opening in the underside. A typical weight is 7 ounces.

$ 75

Buying a custom topper enables you to select head combinations that are not presently noted in the shop, and you go to the top of my studio order of business. The very same mix may or may not be noted in the future at the ready-made price point.


Please remember with all the figurines that there will be small distinctions between one and another. Each is made separately by me, and one day I might attach a head at a slightly various angle then the example in the picture. Or the curve of a tail may be more loopy from one day to the next … you understand. The clay is an off-white. It reads as white, not cream, but I would not call it a stark blue white. The clear glaze will certainly often have flecks of grey that can be seen up close.
Take a look at the offered toppers in the shop, or try scrolling through the & quot; & quot; offered & quot; section.

This link might assist too:
Some & quot; & quot; topper in action & quot; links:

Enough details? READY TO GO?

NEXT: Make the bride-to-be and groom head options, Purchase the listing, and please let me understand the wedding event date in the & quot; & quot; note to seller & quot; box.


Pictures by:
Brittany McDonald
Meg Hamilton at
Corrie Schaffeld @ 1326 Studios

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