Custom Listing – Bulk 100 Bottle Bug Sprays – Mosquito Repellent / No Se Um Repellent – 100% Natural Ingredients by PurePalette

295,00 USD
This reserved listing is for Telina only. You will get 100 travel size bottles of mosquito spray with personalized name. This is terrific to include in your wedding party welcome bag. Mosquito and No Se Um bug repellent spray consists of in a travel size spray bottle (10 ml.) It is easy to suit your little purse and be utilized anywhere in heavy bug environment.

This insect repellent smells fresh and tidy (as my customers keep returning and inform me.) It mixes of lemongrass, lavender, cedar wood, citronella, patchouli and catnip, it is 100% natural active ingredients. It is totally DEET Free.

This insect repellent drives away mosquito and other insects such as no see um.

The bug spray consists of no nut and other chemical such as dyes and preservatives. It made in little batches in my studio.

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