Custom order for jenna / Carseat Protector Pad, Waterproof Carseat or Stroller Pad, COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING by nicolesbreastfriends

18,00 USD< p class="description"> Vehicle seat pillow in matching whale material. 4×18 It is not so fun to have to take the carseat apart because of a diaper blowout. Some carseats and strollers do not come apart! So the very best thing to do is secure your carseats and stroller with this waterproof pad. It fits all basic carseats and strollers that appear like the photo above. The size is generous enough to capture all accidents and is padded for absorbtion. It is also water resistant backed. This is a terrific product for toddler during potty training
Care Instructions:. Wash cold, tumble dry low

This listing is for the carseat pad only. If you would like matching straps please appearance in the carseat area. If you do not see them, please contact us. Thank you.

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